We firmly believe in the healing power of Mother Nature.  The connection between mind, body, and spirit created by the adoption of the Natural Way of living always fascinated us. We desire to impart knowledge about the mental and physical benefits which a balanced and healthy lifestyle can bring in an individual’s life.

With the belief we hold in our hearts for a natural lifestyle, we started conducting yoga and meditation campaigns to enlighten people about the internal purification of an individual’s body. One day while interacting with the bunch of youngsters, we had an epiphany and realized the need to bring Natural ways of living and Herbal Products to the Indian lives once again as with time we are uprooting ourselves far away from this gift Mother Nature has given to our ancestors.

Consequently, HCP (Hiyashi Care Products) is our brainchild with a motive to promote the internal well being of an individual by embracing a combination of natural lifestyle and herbal products.

We take delight in our work as we ensure our products to be herbal by maneuvering natural herbs as ingredients. Our herbal and organic products are certified by FSSAI for their quality and authenticity. Nevertheless, we make certain that our products undergo a distinct level of quality checks to confirm the highest attainable quality.
HCP is looking forward to providing a natural way of living in this world. Come and join us to make this dream come true for our motherland.


HCP’s Mission statements read as follows:
To create HCP as a brand that introduces advancement in one’s way of living by imparting knowledge about exercise and by serving the highest quality and cost-effective Herbal & Organic products to achieve the paramount desire of longevity and rejuvenation of one’s life in the long term.

To furnish the employment opportunities to the most disadvantaged section of the society and to work for the upliftment of their social and financial status. The ultimate goal is to bestow the sense of self-empowerment among them.

To ensure the presentment of researched based and scientifically tested herbal products to our fellow Indians for aiding them in the process of internal purification and in building a strong immune system.

To guarantee that HCP will serve the world with all its promises with utmost faith and trust.


To make people healthy and self-reliant and up-lift their internal power by giving them a natural way of living through our products and various awareness programs.


HCP has a defined moral code to which every person in our organization shall abide by, for the actualization of its mission and vision statement. The commitment to the following ethical standards remains at the core of our production system and we internalize these values as an inherent part of the HCP product.  Our value system includes:

  • Health
  • Pureness
  • Quality
  • Feasibility
  • Seva ( serving the community for greater cause)