HCP was founded with the aim of restoring our motherland. Our philosophy is profoundly engrained with the notion that agricultural must persist in harmony with our nature. Our farmers made the commitment to grow herbs and crops organically so that we can give back to the environment what belonged to it on the very first place.
We have organized several intensive training programs and workshops for all of our farmers to impart knowledge about organic and ecological farming practices.

HCP’s farming standards entirely prohibits use of any kind of fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals or genetically modified organism. We believe that a healthy soil is a prerequisite for growing health food. Consequently, we use clover, which is full of nitrogen to improve the quality of the soil. Additionally, animal manure and compost are used to augment the fertility of the soil.

Our farmers have built up a production system which preserves the superiority of soil and provides the assured quality herbal products for internal purification of human beings.