HCP’s operations are not restricted to it’s factory location. Our operation has stringently demarcated phases starting from study of literature available and market research for the product. We perform an in-depth analysis of the studies available in the market and we ask this question to ourselves how we can come up with a product which can make difference to an individual’s lifestyle.

After scrutiny we move to the next level, where our experts indulge into the process of forming enchanted recipes for our products. Coming up with a perfect recipe sometimes takes us a year.

The next step in our process consists of testing the raw materials and starting with the process of extractive preparations, production and packaging.

Our operation process then moves forward to the very crucial level of our production process. This stage is the “Quality Control” where our researchers and various experts perform the Quality checks. Each and every product we produce has passed the test of 100 % standard.

Only after this test, we introduce our products in the market for helping the people in the process of internal well being and purification.

HCP believes in strict adherence to its working standards.